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  • We are a registered Charity
  • We are an NDIS registered Organisation


In 2009, some dedicated individuals working with people with disabilities came together to promote a philosophy "that people with disabilities should be included in their communities". Thus Sports 4 All was born and we set about using sport as a vehicle to drive inclusion. We approached Football NSW and in partnership with them facilitated an Athletes with Disability division within the FFA Nationals. From this humble beginning of 2 teams competing at the 2009 Nationals flash forward to 2016 we have an 8 State National competition (the largest division in the Nationals) underpinned by a 10 team premier league competition  (included in clubs within football NSW) and have an Australian team that has competed in World Championships in Italy and France.

So successful was this framework that we were able to work with other sporting bodies to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to be included in the sporting communities of their choice. These sports that now have a National pathway include:

Tenpin Bowling - National Disability Championships

AFL - National Inclusion Carnival

NRL - Premier Inclusion Cup - Vawdon Cup

Cricket - National Inclusion Carnival

The success of these programs in opening up opportunities for people with disabilities and helping community clubs to become inclusive has been amazing. 

Throughout this journey we have numerous approaches from athletes and their families and carers to provide wide ranging services to help meet the needs of people with unique and individual needs. We have broadened our service delivery and thus have changed the name of the service to better reflect this change in the organisation. In 2017 4TITUDE has been established but is still based on our original philosophy.