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Elevating Workforce Expertise and Safety within NDIS.

Our Workforce Development and Safety Management strategy is focused on nurturing a team that excels in NDIS service delivery. Starting with selective recruitment, we deepen their expertise through thorough training and retention programs. Prioritising safety, we regularly audit processes, apply risk controls, and craft strong emergency responses. This instills a pervasive culture of safety at every operational level.

Maximising Financial Efficiency through Smart Rostering.

Leverage our roster optimisation services to fully harness your financial assets. By carefully coordinating your staff schedules with funding agreements, we guarantee peak efficiency and savvy cost management. Our focused strategy sharpens operational flow and boosts service quality, all while aligning with client requirements and fiscal wisdom.

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  • Gather and document all relevant information from potential news.
  • Conduct an assessment on each referral.
  • Facilitate intake panels and present assessment to assist in determine if the organisations wish to take the client on.
  • Conduct Client matching should there be a proposal an individual will be residing with others, including broader consultation with existing client/s and stakeholders.
  • Conduct & document transition planning meetings with relevant stakeholders.
  • Support frontline teams to implement agreed transition plan.
  • Develop quotes including SIL quotes.
  • Complete Service agreement with all necessary information based on agreed supports and in line with the individual’s NDIS plan.
  • Ensure the service booking on Proda is aligned to the service agreement and the proposed supports to be provided.
  • Liaise with Plan Managers to ensure the agreed funding is available and will be paid reliably.
  • Review work completed regularly to ensure correct information is available for claiming.
  • Support/facilitate claiming process fortnightly.
  • Track and monitor all funding are claimed and received.
  • Create Rosters that are aligned with funding agreement and the award.
  • Consult with staff about proposed roster and make changes as required.
  • Review workforce status and ability to meet the rosters needs in a viable fashion.
  • Review staff capabilities to ensure they meet client needs match to roster.
  • Establish workforce register that explores availability, skills, conflict of interest and secondary employment impacts.
  • Support local team and manager with award requirements.
  • Conduct recruitment on behalf of an organisation.
  • Ensure each new recruit meets all probity requirements.
  • Facilitate organisational orientation.
  • Conduct site-specific inductions.
  • Facilitate team meetings
  • Ensure all staff supervision is in place.
  • Ensure staff have all meet the organisation training requirements.
  • Facilitate sessions/support to enable staff to better understand and implement organisational policies and procedures.
  • Seek ongoing Staff feedback.
  • Aid in locating suitable properties.
  • Advise on fit out requirements based on client needs and expectations.
  • Assist in setting up the physical environment.
  • Set up all office and documentation requirements.
  • Conduct viewing of the property with new clients.
  • Co design Individual service plans with clients and their support networks.
  • Develop program plans for staff to follow that will aid in supporting clients achieve the Goals and desired outcomes identified in their Individual Plans.
  • Support teams to understand client goals and importance of documentation all steps taken towards goals.
  • Support teams to establish appropriate house and client routines.
  • Ensure all necessary documentation and support plans are in place for each client eg health & wellbeing, risk & behaviour management, consent etc.
  • Ensure all relevant data collection mechanisms are in place and completed appropriately.
  • Regularly seek Client feedback and ensure the information is utilised to improve practice.
  • Ensure appropriate & frequent use records management systems.
  • Manage complex and contentious matters as they arise.
  • Support with compliance monitoring – including OCV, OCG, DCJ, NDIS Commission and Fair Work.
  • Facilitate regular consultation meetings with the workforce on safety (legislative requirement).
  • Support frontline leaders to conduct regular safety checks
  • Conduct quarterly safety audits.
  • Monitor & track the completion of actions required to mitigate risks.
  • Ensure appropriate Infection control practices are in place.
  • Support teams to implement Hazard & Risk identification approach and reporting.
  • Ensure necessary Disaster & Emergency responses plans are in place for each site and clients.
  • Support staff understanding Restrictive Practice Requirements.
  • Identifying restrictive practices currently in place.
  • Determine what (if any) requirements have not been meet and take steps to fix it.
  • Facilitate RP panels to get necessary authorisations.
  • Complete all Restrictive practice reporting to NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Commission.
  • Tracking Restrictive Practices – authorised and unauthorised.
  • Support teams to understanding the importance of incident management.
  • Ensure reporting requirements are practiced.
  • Facilitate incident review panels to address safety of both clients and staff.
  • Review each incident and unpack with teams how it could have been prevented.
  • Identify incidents that meet the reportable incident threshold.
  • Report to the commission on all reportable incidence at the 24 hours, 5 days and all follow up requests.

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