NDIS Employment Support

We support job seekers every step of the way.

Meaningful employment is a cornerstone of independence and wellbeing for individuals with disabilities or mental health conditions. Our dedicated team is committed to empowering participants by recognising the unique abilities and skills each person brings to the table.

Our approach to employment support.

Find a job that suits you and your skillset.

1. Build Your Foundation: Start your career journey in our nurturing environment, where you'll learn and grow at your own pace.

2. Skill Development: Acquire new skills and gain workplace confidence, supported by our dedicated team.

3. A Caring Work Environment: Our Social Enterprises are safe spaces where everyone feels valued and supported.

Computer Skills

Get support in a mainstream workplace.

1. Step into the Mainstream: Transition to working in mainstream settings alongside a diverse workforce, with our continual support.

2. Personalised Guidance: Receive tailored mentoring to flourish in a dynamic workplace environment.

Transition into mainstream employment and work independently.

1. Achieve Independence: Our ultimate goal is to support you in gaining full independence in the workplace.

2. Ongoing Support: Even in independent roles, we’re here to provide mentoring and assistance as you navigate your career.


We're with you from start to finish.

Pre-Employment Essentials

  • Comprehensive pre-employment preparations, from tax file numbers to bank setups.
  • Efficient handling of essential details for a seamless employment transition.
  • Guidance on superannuation and insurance to step into your role confidently.
  • Personalised support to ensure all employment essentials are thoroughly addressed.

Job Searching

  • Targeted job search strategy to match your skills with the right roles.
  • Deep analysis of company culture and job requirements to find the perfect fit.
  • Expert assistance in exploring opportunities for professional growth.
  • Job search facilitation tailored to individual interests and strengths.

Resume Writing

  • Personalised resume crafting to highlight your professional narrative.
  • Focus on accentuating strengths, experience, and potential for impact.
  • Assistance in updating or creating resumes that captivate employer interest.
  • Expertise in showcasing your capabilities in a compelling and professional manner.

Interview Skills

  • Comprehensive interview training with role-play and real-life scenarios.
  • Constructive feedback and practical tips for handling challenging questions.
  • Techniques to transform interview anxiety into confidence and poise.
  • Support to ensure you convey assurance and competence in every interview.

Interview Preparation and Support

  • In-depth interview preparation to foster a success-oriented mindset.
  • Assistance in identifying and articulating personal achievements and qualifications.
  • Strategies to manage interview stress and present your best self.
  • Personalised support to build up confidence and ensure you’re interview-ready.