NDIS 1 to 1 Support Services

From daily living to lifelong dreams, we help you achieve anything.

Committed to excellent NDIS 1 to 1 Support Services, we provide custom assistance to elevate your daily life to the aspirations you hold. Whether it’s gaining new skills, mastering independent travel, or integrating into the community, we’re your unwavering partner, dedicated to personalising your path with utmost care.

Bespoke Support Tailored to You

Our 1 to 1 support services are designed to adapt to your evolving needs and aspirations. From enhancing daily life skills to facilitating vocational achievements, we’re committed to providing expert guidance every step of the way. We’re not just about meeting your needs; we’re about expanding your possibilities.​

Transitioning Through Life's Stages

Life is full of transitions, and our team excels in making these changes seamless and empowering. Whether you’re transitioning between educational settings, entering the workforce, or seeking more independence, our specialised support is there to ease the process for both you and your family.​

We offer a range of 1 to 1 support services

Assistance with everyday tasks, promoting independence in your home and community.

Dream of operating an excavator or becoming a certified professional in your field? We can help you attain the necessary credentials and practical experience.

Encouraging and supporting your engagement with community events, social outings, and educational opportunities. 

Our programs evolve with you, ensuring that as your goals grow, your skills do too.

Access to a variety of therapeutic services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy.

Programs designed to maintain or improve health, including diet and exercise plans.

We provide you with reliable transportation solutions for accessing community services, events, and appointments. 

How we work with you

Initial Consultation

We begin with a heart-to-heart to capture your aspirations and challenges, laying the groundwork for a tailored support experience.

Plan Development

Together, we craft a bespoke plan that maps out the steps towards your goals, ensuring every milestone is meaningful.


Our dedicated staff seamlessly integrate your customised support into your daily routine, empowering your independence.

Ongoing Support & Review

We regularly refine your support strategy to align with your growth, ensuring our services continually meet your evolving needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

At 4Titude, we offer a wide range of individual support services tailored to meet the unique needs of each person. Our services include daily living assistance, employment support, skill development, community integration, and help with achieving personal goals such as travel or gaining qualifications. 

We specialise in providing seamless support throughout various life stages. From transitioning out of school to entering the workforce, or moving into retirement, our experts design support plans that cater to the evolving needs and goals that come with each age transition.

Yes, we can. We provide expert guidance and support in helping individuals pursue and achieve the necessary qualifications and accreditations to fulfil their educational or professional aspirations.

Community integration is key to a fulfilling life. We assist in building social skills, finding community activities that match interests, and facilitating social connections. Our aim is to support individuals in becoming active, engaged members of their communities. 

Getting started with 4Titude begins with an initial consultation where we discuss your needs and dreams. From there, we collaboratively develop a personalised support plan and guide you through the implementation, ensuring the support fits seamlessly into your daily life.

We believe in the power of continuous improvement. Regular reviews and updates to your support plan ensure it adapts to your changing needs and aspirations. Our team is committed to providing ongoing support, making necessary adjustments to help you continue to achieve your goals.

Meet Harry

Harry is 28 years old and is a very friendly guy whose manners are always of the highest standard. He is always making enquiries about the Annangrove employees and his fellow colleagues. He will always offer to help out where he can. He constantly offers to assist around the house and when the team are ‘out and about’. He takes out the garbage, makes great coffee, cleans cars and is always willing to help keep the pool in immaculate condition.

Harry is an outstanding sportsperson as well and we just don’t have the space to mention all his tenpin bowling trophies. He is also great at touch footy as well and he is brilliant at playing Spike ball. He is an absolute sporting legend in that he listens to and acts on his coach’s recommendations and he always shows great sportsmanship with referees, umpires and the opposition.

Harry is unique in that his favourite Rugby League and Soccer teams are from New Zealand. He loves the Warriors in NRL and the Wellington Phoenix in Soccer. When asked why he has the love for NZ teams he always responds that ‘he likes being a rebel’.