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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Taking Control

At 4TITUDE we are ‘out of the box thinkers’. We seek to redefine what is possible, to help you achieve the life you want to live!

Taking control of your life and clearing the hurdles is possible with the right support. Our experienced team members will work side by side with you, your family and your support team to map out and implement your Recovery Plan. We will also help you coordinate your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports and other services.

How is a Recovery Coach different from a Support Coordinator?

4titude Recovery Coaches have specialist knowledge, experience and skills in psychosocial recovery and navigating the mental health system. This means they have the expertise to assist you to create and implement a recovery plan which extends beyond your NDIS funded supports to help you live a full and meaningful life.

How can 4titude support me?

We will spend time with you and listen well, so we can learn about what taking control and leading a meaningful life means to you.

Your Recovery Coach will meet you, where you are.

Together we will:

Why Choose 4titude

Listening well and understanding the things that are important to you, is at the heart of what we do.

We are experienced

With over 70 years’ combined experience in this sector and a passion for getting it right for the people we support, the founders of 4titude recognise the importance of having a well supported, knowledgeable and skilled frontline team. Our Support Coordinators are recruited to 4titude because we know they can walk the talk to help you get the most from your plan

Together, we make it happen

At 4titude, we have a proven track record of making things happen – from creating international sporting pathways, to supporting people to achieve their dreams

Getting Started

Our friendly team is always ready to answer your questions whether it is about onboarding with us or getting more information. Just give us a call or mail us.

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